Community Policy

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Apollo Hotels is cognizant of its responsibilities and of the impact its operations have on residents and the local business community.
Through our mode of operation we create a positive impact on the both a social and economic level thus not negatively effecting our surroundings.
To achieve our goals we have targeted specific areas in our Community Policy which are the following:

Promotion of Responsible Tourism in the Area

Guests of Apollo Hotels are made aware of local traditions and customs and are encouraged to partake in them. We provide students from schools and universities with internships and tours of our resorts to increase awareness of future employment opportunities.


Apollo Hotels purchases as many products as possible from local suppliers in order to promote these businesses. These purchases are done in bulk in order to reduce the impact of litter caused by packaging. Payment terms with suppliers are set according to industry standards or in certain cases negotiated between both parties. We purchase local products in order to reduce our reliance on imports.


Apollo Hotels understands the economic cycle and recognizes the importance of hiring local staff, who in turn will spend their salary in the local economy. By creating new job opportunities we furthermore ensure additional employment for local residents thus reducing the need for them to search for employment elsewhere.

Donations and Charity

Apollo Hotels assists many organizations and groups (Church groups, schools etc) with various donations such as old linen, furniture and meals. Apollo Hotels also participates in numerous local events.

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