Health & Safety policy

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The warm hospitality and friendly atmosphere enjoyed by our guests since 1975 the year our operations

commenced, in conjunction with the discreet luxury and the provision of modern hotel services, remain the

basic principles that govern the management of the APOLLO HOTEL GROUP.


Our goal is that our guests, not only be FULLY SATISFIED with the services and products that we provide, but that they become our FRIENDS and friends of RHODES FOREVER.

To achieve our goal, we provide all the necessary resources required investing:

  • In the training and continuous development of our staff, creating bonds of trust and respect, and encouraging their participation in the decision-making process, thus creating an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation.
  • In our suppliers, with whom we maintain long-term cooperative relationships, constantly evaluating the products and services that they provide us with, using very strict criteria.
  • In a stable, effective and certified Management System based on ISO 9001: 2008 principles that govern the Quality of Products and Services and ISO 22000: 2005 that ensure Food Safety.
  • In ensuring full compliance with Greek and European legislation.
  • In ensuring the health and safety of our staff and guests.
  • In the continuous improvement of our performance in order to maintain our leading position in the Rhodes Hotel market.
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