Environmental policy

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environmentalAPOLLO Hotels are committed to the adoption at all times of efficient measures aimed at the protection and sustainable management of the natural environment wherein it has been developing its activities.

Fully aware of the impact that the operations of this Hotel is bound to have on the Environment, the Management has made it a priority objective to minimize the environmental impact of both the Hotel as a whole and of the various partners, suppliers and contractors directly connected to its activities.

By joining forces, we may all contribute to securing a clean and safe Environment as well as ensuring that Environmental issues remain high on the agenda, taken quite seriously into account as of the adoption of any decision and the launching of any action.
Our aim is for our establishment to:

  • Fully conform with National and European legislation
  • Ensure that all members of our staff as well as each of our Executives have been assigned specific tasks aimed at protecting the environment and securing biodiversity
  • Encourage our human resources to always operate in ways not impacting the environment
  • Continuously pursue and tangibly contribute to the effort of preserving natural resources by using Water and resources in an environmentally responsible way whilst offering top quality services that meet the expectations of our clientele.
  • Prioritize our cooperation with local producers and suppliers
  • Assess our performance and set challenging tasks for our Environmental Performance, thereby achieving CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.
  • Get supplied with goods and services known to have the minimum possible impact on the Environment, privileging those benefiting from Eco-label certification, whenever possible.
  • Relentlessly strive to ensure the support of our clientele as well as making sure at all times that they are fully aware of our Environmental Policy and that they are actively contributing to its implementation.
  • Ensure that our partners and suppliers are conversant with our Environmental Policy as well as encouraging them to adopt similar policies towards reducing the environmental impact of their activities.
  • Carry out regular controls and reviews our activities and adopt corrective actions whenever discrepancies are detected from the original Environmental Objectives of our company.
  • Provide all kinds of support as well as the necessary training to our staff, so that they are in turn in a position to attain the objectives and live up to the policy of our company.

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