Don'ts when visiting protected areas

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  • Use firewood or kindle fire in wildlife and forest areas.
  • Damage or cut shrubs or thickets.
  • Pollute water body.
  • Collect plants or their parts.
  • Be accompanied by stray dogs or pet animals.
  • Feed, shout, tease, chase, disturb or molest wild animals.
  • Play loud music or use loud speakers.
  • Camp outside.
  • Cause environmental pollution.
  • Defile sites of religious and cultural significance such as sacred mountains, lakes, rocks, caves and shrines.
  • Commit any other act that may be injurious to forests, water bodies, plants, animals or disturb the natural tranquillity of such sites or become a nuisance to fellow trekkers.
  • Leave any non-biodegradable materials in wildlife area during a trek
  • Carry out any research or study within a wildlife area without the prior permission of the Government.
  • Indulge in hunting of any wild animals or carry on the business of buying & selling any animals, animal article, antique cultural artefacts, trophy, uncured trophy or meat of wild animals and specified plants.
  • Destroy or remove any wildlife, infrastructures and plants /trees, sign boards of the protected areas.
  • Collect specimens of wildlife (animals, birds butterflies, insects, moths, etc.) without permission of the competent authority.
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